Pizza Day


So, today was Tuesday.

Work went ok, just the fun associated with handling export control needs. Which to say is not fun so much and making sure you do everything right.

I had started the process this weekend to target pizza for dinner tonight.

As it turned out I worked it out.

The dough was better than the last pizza night. That batch was way too wet. This was better. It however it sprung back a fair bit when I was stretching it out prior to putting on toppings and firing.

I think that it might have needed to proof longer. I will need to do some research to confirm that. Other than that they turned out ok. A big accomplishment for me was to use only starter for this batch. I usually throw in some dried yeast. This was from a starter I've probably being keeping alive for about a year.

I still ate a painful amount of pizza.

I'm still getting to learn how to use the Ooni Koda better. I'm getting too much scorching.

Also, tonight was my online game. This campaign uses Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea (AS&SH). I ran 1e AD&D for a very long time and switched to this. Very similar to 1e but I think it files off some of the rough edges of 1e. Plus the setting is just gonzo.

In any case, I'm winding down from that and getting ready to go to bed.