Catching up, Grey, and Cooking


A late night of gaming and general blahness caused me to miss posting a few days.

Gaming was good, players always make unexpected choices and they never seem to pick up on hints you lay down. That's ok, I get it. That's part of human nature. I'm shitty at reading people and social cues. Especially after a day of work, you really just want to maybe do a little murder hobo shit.

No real excuse for not blogging last night. Just tired and working on stuff at the last minute for a birthday.

Today was a cold day, and like a friend says, "at least it's a damp cold." Tomorrow is supposed to be better weather. A few gray days seemed to drag on, especially during the pandemic's "stay at home order" days.

I made some pretty good baguettes today for my youngest child's birthday. Started it yesterday morning with a pre-ferment from my starter. Then last night I added in the last bunch of flour, water, and salt. Then let it bulk ferment in the fridge overnight.

Timing it to be ready for dinner was a little tricky. An end of day work task delayed when I did the final shaping and rise. They turned out about as good as I could expect.

Dinner was fresh made pasta from the hands of the birthday kid. I cooked some chicken breasts and a cream based Alfredo sauce with plenty of garlic.

Then we introduced the kids to Agent Carter. My spouse and I really liked it when it first came out, and were extremely disappointed it didn't get a third season or more. We probably should have started watching it a bit sooner so that some of the stuff in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would make a little more sense to the kids. Either way, it's good to rewatch these episodes.

I also submitted a talk proposal to Conference in the Cloud, this year's incarnation of The Perl Conference. It had to change a bit because of Covid19.

All in all not a bad day.