The Days Go By So Fast and Slow


Even in the best of times things just go by faster than we wish.

In this pandemic, normal routines are no more while we try to find new ones.

The last few weeks have just ratcheted up the base stress levels. Seeing fellow humans killed with no accountability. Knowing that their killers will face few repercussions. Even though one killer has been charged I have no faith that he will face much time or be rehabilitated.

The President has wasted another month by doing nothing to lead us in this pandemic. at least 100,000 Americans have died from covid19. Many more will probably die. Even those that do survive it might have debilitating life long side effects that we still finding out about.

On the other hand, there are a few great days where the weather is great and you can do a fair bit of yard work and some gardening.

Then realize many of your fellow Americans went out to the streets and protested the killing of black men and women. With the police dropping tear gas on them. Firing rubber pellets into them. Attacking and arresting journalists.

This feels different than what was happening during the Ferguson protests. Somehow it feels the same as all of the others the people have tried to be heard for prior assaults and deaths.

The days are passing by too slow but aren't coming fast enough.