The Old Ways


While I haven't gotten back into blogging, I do want because of this sentiment:

My desire for an internet that is no ads, no monetization, no creepy data collection, and no surveillance is making me thirst for the heady days of 2001. โ€” flotisserie @flotisserie 2:33 PM ยท May 9, 2022

Write and publish in a place you "own". You can always cross-post to whatever social media platform you want.

You site is "the source of your truth" and should lead folks to it.

This blog is on a Digital Oceani (DO). It's probably the easiest way to stand up something that is your own. I suppose Square Space or Wix are easier.

For cheap, I also use Rack Nerd, Desi VPS nee Los Angeles VPS, and Nearly Free Speech (NFS) with varying degrees of success.

NFS is a bit more friendly to do some things than Rack Nerd or Desi VPS. I haven't run the numbers to make sure that NFS is any cheaper than so DO or the others.

All of that said. Find a place to make your own.