I need to create a better blogging habit. Mostly to do something like my buddy genehack with his blog but not with a separate blog.

I did finally get around to standing up a blogging idea I've had for a bit. Open Source Gamer is an outgrowth of a talk I gave at TPCiP in 2019. Slides.

Work from home is going ok. I'm settling into a new rhythm. My setup is mostly sorted out. I did find a couple of Logitech M570's in a spelunking trip into my tech pile. They had some gunk on the mouse wheels. I cleaned them up. I quickly figured out why the first one was in the pile. The left mouse button didn't work. The second one worked well. It replaced my Logitech Cordless Trackman Wheel.

On the home front, the kids made dinner tonight so that was nice: mac and cheese, and kebabs.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and where a damn mask.

What a year


I really meant to post regularly.

We what that has gotten me.

I'm at the start of about week 3 of working from home. My office is finally feeling comfortable. I have new monitors so things look right. I just got a new chair so things feel right.

However, since this blog launched things have been exceptionally tense with covid19 doing its thing to the world, the USA, and might state.

My governor is doing pretty well for a red state dude.

The country however is in rather dire shape I think.

Me and mine are holding up I think.

Until the next post.

Stay Safe.

Stay Healthy.

Stay the Fuck Home.

Mask up if you can't.