I've internalized the All Cops Are Bastards (ACAB) meme/idea/motto for some time.

Rodney King was a starting point way back in 1991, but I was still very...white in my outlook. I wasn't on the side of the cops but I was still on the fence about the protests and rioting afterwards.

My awareness of police violence against blacks and people of color just kept growing. I would say that since 2001 I have not trusted authority much.

Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd are just the latest in a long line of Black people killed by the police.

The protests of the last few weeks just brought it home to almost everyone. Even to my kids.

My spouse wanted me to be aware of my rhetoric and language around the kids. Mostly to let them come up with their own thoughts on it without me injecting to much of my dislike of the police. We do talk about this with them but I am much more strident than my spouse.

My spouse said that she knows that I am willing to judge people on what they do and generally not make a generalization for an entire class of people. They made me want to think about my thoughts about police.

In a nutshell, I reframed it in my mind that it was the institution more than the people. The institution made those people bastards.

Several days ago, just a few days after I did my bit of self-reflection, someone created some images that capture my framing almost perfectly.

how I have been explaining ACAB to white family members art by @furbyrose on twitter and @mrosearts on instagram. head1 holding ACAB sign. head2 asking 'What does ACAB mean?' art by @furbyrose on twitter and @mrosearts on instagram. head1 saying 'ACAB stans for All Cops Are Bastards. This does not negate that individual cops are not capable of good, rather it highlights that the system is corrupt and beyond reform. There are no "good" cops as tehy stand beside the unjust actions of the institution adn continue to harm black people.' art by @furbyrose on twitter and @mrosearts on instagram. head1 saying 'Your positive experiences with cops, who may be relatives or friends, does not negate the fact that the institution is violent and unjust. It is built on systematic racism and must be remade for the safety of our communities' — micha BLM (@furbyrose) 12:28 PM, Jun 4, 2020

Parenting, Bread, and Agent Carter


Yesterday was a day.

Both kids, now teens, were in a bit of a fuck. Our youngest in a mood that we don't usually see. I hope we can help them sort that out.

The oldest, just getting hit hard with teenagerness. They haven't ever really enjoyed school. Almost resent it even. However, the pandemic elearning at home mode isn't helping things. Even with a spouse that used to be a teacher isn't helping. So, we are doing the best we can and hope to just get through the next 2 weeks.

I rushed the start of a preferment 2 days ago for some bread for last night's dinner. I also cooked down some vegetables in preparation for making meatloaf.

After my spouse got back from the weekly grocery store run I had the bread I needed to make the panade for the meatloaf. I mixed everything together for it over my lunch time. When all was finished I ended up with 6 pounds 10 ounces of meatloaf mix. It got to hang out in the fridge until I was ready to bake it.

Speaking of baking, that preferment was mixed into the final dough and rested over night. Then yesterday I pulled it out around noon and shaped at about my 3pm break. Then baked just before dinner. No fun to time the baking of the bread at 500F (I should have dropped it to 450F after I put it in and steamed it) and also bake the meatloaf at 350F.

So, the 3 one pound blobs of meatloaf got some time at 500F and then dropped to 350F.

The bread didn't get much of an oven spring and had a really overdeveloped crust, for me, and I like a good crust. It was still tasty. I sort of knew that this was likely to happen. In the end, it doesn't matter because home made bread is usually better than grocery store bread.

We have been watching Agent Carter. My spouse and I really enjoyed it when it came out. We still enjoying it with our kids. I think I dig the spy nature of it and my spouse likes the period piece setting of it. It really deserved another season or two. The kids are really swept up in who the story just twists and turns and reveals the various conspiracy threads.

I wish we had started a few weeks ago so it would have integrated better with our watching of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I still think the kids will pick up the crossover in content that happened.

I also did a little prep for tonight's gaming session. I still have more to do but that is task for..well today.