Since this track is for Moebius Maximus there are gonzo elements of it. One of the biggest one being "Encouners". One of the things one can run across are cosmic entertainers aks clowns aka killer clowns from outer space.

This fellow is the result of 2 failed jobs on my 3D printer: a base and a clown. My filament is black PLA but things look a lot better with some grey primer on it. I figured I'll test out painting them on this fellow. I'm using Reaper paints.

I really like this one. I'm going with a classical color scheme. I refer to him as the demon clown.

After another coat of white

A bit slap dash but ok enough for a game.

My family is doing this one. They went with an "alien clown" motif. So it has green skin.

Front view of alien clown.

I went sort of with a rainbow idea with this guy.

Once again, not that great of a paint job but good enough.

Finished up with some pink polka dots and a gold hat. I think if I didn't give it red hair or whatever I was gonna give it a red hat, for that Devo look.

Side view.

and the backside.

My daughter finished the hair/hat/whatever and give it some red (or blooyd?) tips to it. Maybe they're horns?

Back side

Another angle

Alien clown turned out rather well. Sort also has a Green Goblin from the Spiderman comics vibe going on, too.

Back left.

Back right

Quite the lineup

Like a line up for a suspect id.

and their backs

After they got a coat of sealer and some satin clear enamel to give a sort of glossy depth. On the far right is another game piece, a ramp. It has a horse team on it just to make sure that their magnets stick ok to the sheet metal epoxied to it.

Slightly different lighting. I think they look great.

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