Now to ink in the lanes some more. I like using Sharpie Oil Paint Pen. Medium tip size. The gargantuan one is if I want to put a black edge on the outside edges.

One side done. A few imperfections here and there but I can live it.

It is at this point I realize I didn't double check the width of this track compared to the old one. As it turns out it's too wide. Oops.

However, since I did a precise enough job on the layout I can just cut off 2 lanes with the jigsaw and it should be ok.

I had in my mind the whole time "6 lanes is what I need." However, that should have been the entire width. There are 4 "clear" lanes and the outside lanes will have some obstructions on them. In theory the racers can avoid them.

This will help make the twisting easier. The Track is now 9"x48". That is a better aspect ratio. I think this is about the minimum aspect ratio to twist this metal "cleanly."

Finishing the other side lanes. I'm using a metal yardstick to get as clean an edge as possble

Now the tedious part. Marking off 1.5 inches at a time.

One side completed.

Close up detail.

And the other side. The next step is the "fun" one. Twisting and epoxying the edges together.

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