Finished up the stand to hold the strip. Not quite what I envisioned but close enough to work.

I didn't want to have to fashion much so used as much stuff as I could find in a hardware store. On the end are grounding rod clamps. I had to swap out the bolts with longer ones. The clamps are intended for 1/2" wire and not the 3/16" rods that are epoxied to 1" C clamps.

The clear coat was applied a bit too heavy for one coat and dissolved and made the line paint run. That's ok, I just need things to work.

It's roughly a 24" long by 18" wide by 18" tall structure. I was going to use 3/4" PVC pipe but I couldn't find those end joints in any other size. They also required a threaded adapter. You can't see it here but there is some flex i nthe strip. It's a weirdly shaped spring. :-)

More paint runs. You can sort of see the rubber like magnets I'm using to protect the paint job on the strip from the C clamps.

Close up of a clamp.

You can see one of the kinks in the sheet metal o nthe lower right. The shadow really brings it out.

I wanted those tubes on the end of the rods to be attached to a structure that holds them and spins. The topology doesn't work of course. Instead they are nice handles to hold and helps keep things from sliding off the stand (mostly).

Starting line. Because of the clamps there are only 4 starting lanes. The other lanes are usable but the clamps are equivalent to a wall which is instant death in Moebius Maximus.

There are some minor tweaks before I call it finished but it's in a usable state.

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