Taping off the ends. I also created some handles to help with the twist.

The other end.

Took the tape off and cleaned with acetone. This is the strip that will get epoxied. Also seen is the block to help distribute the pressure when it's clamped.

And the other end.

Decided to try doing the twist with some help. My wife and son holding the ends while I supervise. My daughter is busy taking the picture.

Carefully making the twist. Trying not to get a kink in it but it happened anyways.

Testing the fit for the overlap that gets expoxied. Looks good enough.

The expoxy has been applied and getting the strips joined.

Holding the twist in place while I get the blocks and clamps.

Sliding in the block and getting the clamp in place.

Clamp in place.

It's looking like a moebius strip.

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