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A slideshow of the creation of my Moebius Strip track for Circus Maximus

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Making sure that I can bend the strip into the proper shape.

Paper test to see what the grid might look like.


Now painted.

Penciled in the lane lines.

Masked off the lanes for the other lane color.

Other lane color.

Masking tape off.

Freehand drawing the lane dividers sucked so masking it.

All masked up.

Wider shot of the whole side.

Closeup of the masking.

Better lines but had some bleed through.

Surface prep could be better, or done at all.

Masking off for the transverse grid lines.

The tape is 18mm wide. The lanes are about 14mm. Need to cut down the tape.

Half of the masking job done.

Closeup of the job.

All masked up.

Painted applied

Not too bad. Surface prep problems and a little bleed through, but ok for a prototype.