Hyperborean PC Generator Welcome Page

This is alpha quality software

Go to gizmomathboy.com/pc_gen/pc_form/ to generate the pdf.

You can enter the character stats, level, and class via dropdowns, or by a text file with a syntax like:

ST: 17
DX: 10
CN: 14
IN: 17
WS: 12
CH: 12
class: fire lord
level: 5

Race: Kelt

Gender: female

Age: 17

HP: 45

XP: 45,000

  - <starter_pack>
  - Hunting horn
  - leather mask
  - dagger x3
  - small shield

  - Hand Axe +2
  - +1 Dagger

If Race, Gender, or Age isn't defined it will be randomly determined.

If HP isn't defined then it will be rolled. Maximum hit points are assumed at 1st level. The rolls will be noted in the armour class notes area.

If XP isn't defined, then the minimum for the class level is used. Regardless, the needed XP will be filled in by the app

If "Gear:" is not present the character will be equipped with a class specific starter pack. The special entry "<starter_pack>" will add the starter pack items in addition to whatever else is specified.

If you list a weapon and want it to also be listed in the weapons blocks you will need to have a special prefix:

If more than 1 type of a weapon is carried, specify it like "arrows x20"

If you list some armour or a shield and want the AC blocks to be populated and calculated you will need to have a prefix:

There is a limit of 36 mundane items

Upon entering stats and clicking OK a pdf will be generated using the Hyperborea 2e form fillable character sheet pdf avaiable at the Hyperborea web site resources page.

The pdf is still editable to fill in the areas not taken care of by this web app

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