PC Generator

Generate a character for Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerors of Hyperborea

This is alpha quality software

You can enter the character stats, level, and class via dropdowns, or by a text file with a syntax like:

ST: 17
DX: 15
CN: 15
IN: 17
WS: 15
CH: 15
class: fire lord
level: 5

  - <starter_pack>
  - Hunting horn
  - leather mask
  - dagger x3

  - Hand Axe +2
  - +1 Dagger

Upon entering stats and clicking OK a pdf will be generated using the Hyperborea 2e form fillable character sheet pdf avaiable at the Hyperborea web site resources page.

The pdf is still editable to fill in the areas not taken care of by this web app