Very Blah Day


Very much a blah, not very motivated to do a damn thing day.

My spouse had a head ache all day but still felt better than yesterday.

I wasn't feeling very into stuff today either. Slogged through work.

The monitor mounts for the kids' desks arrived today. I ordered them about 3 week ago. The holes in the desks are about 2 inches wider than what the mounts are designed for. I was able to rig something to get things kinda working.

I will be working on make things better, but they give them a lot more space and more distance between them and their monitors.

Dinner was fast food. Ordered ahead so my spouse just had to show up at the drive through and not exchange money. Employees wore neither gloves nor masks. Not shocking but still disappointing for a franchise of a major chain.

Dealing with what feels like a deep bruise in about the center of my palm. It was a little annoying for the last several days, maybe a week. Today it was making its presence known. I just iced it to see if that will help. I will take naproxen for about a week. The longest I can take it due to interactions with other drugs I take. I have no clue how I got this injury.

Here's getting through things and maybe feeling better tomorrow.

Stay safe and healthy my fellow humans.