Warnings Signs You Are A Bad Human


This is something I posted on other social media. It was in my head since at least the day after the insurrection at the Capitol. I'm bringing it over here because the standard you walk by is the standard you accept.

So, I hope to be better about calling out folks I think are bad humans. I also might even be better about helping them stop being bad humans.

Alright, I'm in a mood so here it goes.

If you have any of the following on you, in your feed, etc. I'm going to assume you are a neo-nazi, white supremacist, racist, not worth my time and will block you and ask you to not interact with me:

  • confederate flag
  • Punisher logo that isn't directly used to refer to the comic
  • Gadsen flag or "don't tread on me"
  • Gonzales flag or "come and take it"
  • molon labe
  • 3%er
  • oathkeeper
  • thin blue line anything
  • an american flag that is only black and white
  • all lives matter
  • MAGA/KAG paraphenalia
  • Qanon anything

I will look at you real hard if you:

  • fetishize Spartans or 300
  • have a lot of Norse runes

These indicate to me that you don't care about all of your fellow humans.

People sporting all of the above engaged in sedition and insurrection this week. If you think it didn't happen or say things like "ask people on the ground about what 'really' happened", well then...you're part of the problem. The treasonous bastards live streamed themselves doing what you said "didn't happen".

Five people are dead, 1 a cop and the rest were participants in the sedition. I would rather people not die, but some times there are dire consequences for dire actions.

If I was a better person I might try to help you, but I'm not that person today. Maybe I will be another day.

Addendum with thoughts from the replies/comments from elsewhere I've posted this:

I wasn't sure how to frame the Boogaloo Bois and related things. They fall into the initial category of people that need to GTFO away from me.

I'm a ACAB kinda guy because policing has so many systemic problems. However, the cop, Eugene Goodman, that led the mob away from the unsealed Senate chamber doors...dude took his life in his hands to give folks time to GTFO. I will note that he was a Black USCP cop. Dude deserves a fat pile of cash and a pleasant retirement free of fascists, white supremacists, and nazis. He even provoked them a bit to make sure they followed him. That ain't nothing.