Trans Rights Are Human Rights


Why am I writing this now? Honestly because a recent episode of Binging with Babish on youtube opened with him noting the sponsor of the episode is Warner Brothers Hogwarts Legacy video game. I stopped the video the second I saw it. Then I unsubscribed from the channel. I later left a comment.

While this do anything to his money making machine? Nope, not in the slightest. He has over 10 million subscribers.

Trans people are under attack in the USA and around the world.

I don't need them to be friends for me to support them and worry about them. They are one of the most marginalized and persecuted groups.

I don't support the GOP laws being proposed and passed to discriminate against them.

Transsexuals are the first groups that fascists target. Their existence is labeled deviant. Their participation in sports is labeled as "harming" cisgendered girls and women by having an unfair advantage. That is a ludicrous charge.

Trans people just want to live their lives. They aren't seeking an imaginary advantage. That supposed advantage doesn't exist. It's used to persecute trans people and oppress girls and women.

GOP politicians have called for the death of trans people and anyone that gives them the healthcare they need.

This post started because a youtuber took money from a Hogwarts intellectual property. JK Rowling is transphobe. She uses her money to spread hate. Even her pen name Robert Galbraith is most likely in homage to Robert Galbraith Heath, the creator of gay conversion therapy. The coincidence is rather striking.

I refuse to participate in any activity that supports transphobia or transphobes.

Trans rights are human rights.

Trans people have the right to live their life free of fear and persecution.