The Days Go By So Fast and Slow


Even in the best of times things just go by faster than we wish.

In this pandemic, normal routines are no more while we try to find new ones.

The last few weeks have just ratcheted up the base stress levels. Seeing fellow humans killed with no accountability. Knowing that their killers will face few repercussions. Even though one killer has been charged I have no faith that he will face much time or be rehabilitated.

The President has wasted another month by doing nothing to lead us in this pandemic. at least 100,000 Americans have died from covid19. Many more will probably die. Even those that do survive it might have debilitating life long side effects that we still finding out about.

On the other hand, there are a few great days where the weather is great and you can do a fair bit of yard work and some gardening.

Then realize many of your fellow Americans went out to the streets and protested the killing of black men and women. With the police dropping tear gas on them. Firing rubber pellets into them. Attacking and arresting journalists.

This feels different than what was happening during the Ferguson protests. Somehow it feels the same as all of the others the people have tried to be heard for prior assaults and deaths.

The days are passing by too slow but aren't coming fast enough.

Grey Mood, Again?


My mood today is affected by the 6 weeks or some the feds have wasted in creating adequate testing and tracing capacity.

We see that the White House tests the fuck out of everyone any near it, and still they get hit with people getting infected with Covid19. Don't get me started on how Trump judged how effective testing is (or whatever you call his gibberish) when the VP's press secretary tested positive.

The WH has probably the most rigorous testing in the USA right now and are having problems dealing with it.

How are the rest of us able to even able to make effective and rational decisions when we are at a minimum of half the of the low end of recommended capacity (200K/day vs 500K/day) and nowhere near the middle of the band suggestion of 5M/day ( 35M/day is a really high bar to hit).

So, the shelter in place stuff was intended to give hospitals time to deal with WTF was happening and to get us the resources needed to handle it going forward.

Instead, we got nothing but 80,000+ people dead, about 2K/day dying, and people fucking tired of dealing with the stay at home stuff.

Personally, I need to stay at home and deal with whatever vectors the rest of my family create when they venture out to do the minimum to get by. I need to wait until we have effective treatments and a vaccine before I can feel remotely safe.

The states have always basically implemented stuff coming from the feds. They can't order companies to switch production to make more PPE, or ventilators, or testing materials. The Feds get that job and all it's been used for is to keep meatpacking plants open which were shitty places to work before all this started. Now it's even worse to work there because it is no literally a lose-lose proposition for the workers. Go to work and maybe die, stay home and lose your job and deal with that without even the meager resources their jobs did provide.

So, Fuck Trump and his administrations mishandling of their response to this pandemic.

We won't know how fucked we truly are until June.

To see if we wasted yet another month.

To see how many more people we are ok with dying on a daily basis.

Low Day


Not much to write about.

Just a crap day or two. I think mostly to lack of sleep.

Handling of the pandemic here is less than optimal.

Just slogging through because that's all there is to do some days.

Very Blah Day


Very much a blah, not very motivated to do a damn thing day.

My spouse had a head ache all day but still felt better than yesterday.

I wasn't feeling very into stuff today either. Slogged through work.

The monitor mounts for the kids' desks arrived today. I ordered them about 3 week ago. The holes in the desks are about 2 inches wider than what the mounts are designed for. I was able to rig something to get things kinda working.

I will be working on make things better, but they give them a lot more space and more distance between them and their monitors.

Dinner was fast food. Ordered ahead so my spouse just had to show up at the drive through and not exchange money. Employees wore neither gloves nor masks. Not shocking but still disappointing for a franchise of a major chain.

Dealing with what feels like a deep bruise in about the center of my palm. It was a little annoying for the last several days, maybe a week. Today it was making its presence known. I just iced it to see if that will help. I will take naproxen for about a week. The longest I can take it due to interactions with other drugs I take. I have no clue how I got this injury.

Here's getting through things and maybe feeling better tomorrow.

Stay safe and healthy my fellow humans.

End of the Week


Yesterday was a good day. I took the afternoon off and the family did some yard work. Mostly just raking up leaves we couldn't take care of last year because of bad timing of rain fall.

Basically did the same today. However, the remaining leaves went to a neighbor to kill some unwanted vegetation in his garden.

We dug of some awful plants we call "demon weed". A thorny plant that has spikes that do their best to get through gloves.

One of them had 11 decent sized stones stacked on and around it. So that was fun.

We ordered some pizza from a joint that just started delivering to our area. The apocalypse and tanking economy seems to have businesses expanding what they find as acceptable delivery areas.

Now, it's time to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the kids.