Time Flies


Well, as part of the uproar over Elon Musk buying twitter folks have pointed out the benefits of owning your own domain and such

Thus, me revisiting my blog that I have neglected for a year.

Folks I know and writers have wrote that the habit of writing helps you be a better writer.


If nothing else a year has gone by and I'm still here.

What a year


I really meant to post regularly.

We what that has gotten me.

I'm at the start of about week 3 of working from home. My office is finally feeling comfortable. I have new monitors so things look right. I just got a new chair so things feel right.

However, since this blog launched things have been exceptionally tense with covid19 doing its thing to the world, the USA, and might state.

My governor is doing pretty well for a red state dude.

The country however is in rather dire shape I think.

Me and mine are holding up I think.

Until the next post.

Stay Safe.

Stay Healthy.

Stay the Fuck Home.

Mask up if you can't.