Dreaming of floating heads and flying snake dragons


Ok, I had a dream last night that I'm not sure if it was connected to dreams I've had other nights or if that I had connected dreams throughout the night.

I seemed to have been The Flash, The Fastest Man Alive, or something like that.

There was this floating/flying silver head that was able to nullify my speed/powers unless I was able to run/move fast enough. However I had to be able to do that before or as it was trying to do that.

It was like trying to pull a heavy load or something.

Eventually it got me in this cage that I could escape. Sort of like the cells used to contain metahumans in The Flash tv series.

It wasn't a cell so much as what seemed like a very industrial office space or lab space but with no lab equipment. I was able to use my speed and such while in the space but I could get out of the space. I tried to phase through things but I couldn't.

That is until I tried phasing into a "weak" section of the duct work. I chalk this up to watching lots of Die Hard. As I was crawling through/along/on the duct work I happened upon what looked like a huge boa constrictor thing with a dragon-like head. It kinda roared at me. I then noticed a smaller snake dragon next to it. I assumed it was it's child or something. I convinced it not to eat me and I felt the need to help it escape.

The duct eventually led to a wall that I was able to phase through and break through. Thus freeing the flying snake dragons.

Through the dreams I think I had woken up but went back to sleep. Towards the end I realized I was remembering the dream and was trying to tell myself to remember to tweet about it or otherwise record it. This was when I started wondering if I had had the dream other nights because parts of it seemed familiar. I think even some of the "remember to record this dream" became its own dream.

So, I finally have recorded this weird dream where I was pursued and controlled by a silver floating head while I was The Flash. Was imprisoned. Befriended a dragon-like snake thing that could fly and freed us both. All the while aware it was a dream, trying to remind myself to write it down, and possibly even dream the parts of "awake" me trying to remember to write it down.

My brain went to some weird places last night.