Cold Weekend


Spent a very cold Saturday getting ye olde truck running. I had let it set idle too long. It wouldn't jump start, mostly I think because of internal combustion reasons more so than battery reasons. It was able to start a couple of times but wouldn't idle.

We got a battery charger thing and later that day it was able to start it and let it idle. I left it to charge overnight.

I had started some dough late Friday. I got it ready and baked it just prior to dinner. It turned out ok even though I might have let it sit too long before shaping and proofing. Nonetheless the 4 baguettes turned out ok, and the boule I baked in a dutch oven looked good as well.

Today I made waffles for lunch. My spouse ran some errands and during that I went looking for a bike storage system. It raises a bike up and out of the way. I wasn't able to find it but my spouse found it right after returning.

We spent some time cleaning things up in our warehouse to make some space for a nephew and niece to store some stuff since their semester finished. It's more convenient to store it here.

After that we got the system rigged up and it worked as well as I was hoping. So, now I need to think about how to make effective and better use of the space for all of our bikes.

The afternoon was fairly boring. Just puttering around the house. For dinner we got some Indian carry out. My spouse went in to get it and said it was pretty busy with carryout and gig economy delivery services. So busy in fact not to do the usual small talk.

It was good as usual.

Then we watched some shows. I forced the kids to watch The Repair Shop. I liked it, the kids had a mixed reaction to it. The youngest just wanted to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or The Mandalorian, which we watched after 2 episodes of The Repair Shop.

Then it was putting the kids to bed, writing this, and working on a rough draft of a rough draft for a talk I need to give on Wednesday.

Catching up, Grey, and Cooking


A late night of gaming and general blahness caused me to miss posting a few days.

Gaming was good, players always make unexpected choices and they never seem to pick up on hints you lay down. That's ok, I get it. That's part of human nature. I'm shitty at reading people and social cues. Especially after a day of work, you really just want to maybe do a little murder hobo shit.

No real excuse for not blogging last night. Just tired and working on stuff at the last minute for a birthday.

Today was a cold day, and like a friend says, "at least it's a damp cold." Tomorrow is supposed to be better weather. A few gray days seemed to drag on, especially during the pandemic's "stay at home order" days.

I made some pretty good baguettes today for my youngest child's birthday. Started it yesterday morning with a pre-ferment from my starter. Then last night I added in the last bunch of flour, water, and salt. Then let it bulk ferment in the fridge overnight.

Timing it to be ready for dinner was a little tricky. An end of day work task delayed when I did the final shaping and rise. They turned out about as good as I could expect.

Dinner was fresh made pasta from the hands of the birthday kid. I cooked some chicken breasts and a cream based Alfredo sauce with plenty of garlic.

Then we introduced the kids to Agent Carter. My spouse and I really liked it when it first came out, and were extremely disappointed it didn't get a third season or more. We probably should have started watching it a bit sooner so that some of the stuff in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. would make a little more sense to the kids. Either way, it's good to rewatch these episodes.

I also submitted a talk proposal to Conference in the Cloud, this year's incarnation of The Perl Conference. It had to change a bit because of Covid19.

All in all not a bad day.