Pancakes, cleaning, and piholes


I tried my hand at making some sourdough pancakes. They were basically about the same as my normal pancakes even though I was using a different recipe. The biggest difference was the amount of gluten in the batter. My regular pancakes don't develop much if any gluten. The overnight rise created plenty. Everyone liked them well enough. Maybe I'll make them again, or try them as waffles.

After letting breakfast settle I cleaned some pots and pans that I let lay in the sink for far too long. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a lazy person by nature. After the dishes were cleaned I swept the kitchen and dusted the stairs out of the kitchen. These are rather nice timber frame constructed stairs. They really need a good sanding and refinishing. I just took some Murphy Oil Soap to them.

The rest of the day was mostly lazy. Some tuna salad for lunch followed by a virtual coffee and chat with the local tech group.

I left the chat early so I could finishing prepping dinner: roast chicken. I put it in a brine before goes to my work from home office to meet with folks. Before I pulled it out of the brine I used my mandoline to slice up a mess of spuds. I tossed them with cream, salt, pepper, and thyme. They went into the foiled lined bottom a broiler pan and into the oven. I then spatchcocked the chicken, dried it, oiled it, and salt and peppered it. It went on the top part of the broiler pan and on top of the spuds.

I then fussed about with getting pihole sorted out. That project didn't get finished until after dinner. Looking at all the dns queries is kinda mesmerizing.

I still wasn't able to use pihole to block the game site my boy goes to. I suspect that since it is under is why the school's network that I'm assuming the chromebook is a part of can't block it either.

That is a puzzle to solve another day. For now it's time for a little doom scrolling and watch the next episode in West World.